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Smartphones nowadays have tons of innovative features and tools you can download on your device that can make your projects go smoother. If you need help when it comes to your home projects, there are 3D scanners to bring the reality of your room straight to your device. Our app, Roomify, offers this and more. Read more about Roomify.  

What is Roomify?

Roomify is a convenient measuring tool and room scanner that is developed for IOS users. With this app you can easily scan your room for future projects. Just take out your phone’s camera, take a room tour, and save it on your device. Bring your reality straight to your device in a few minutes with this app, getting accurate measurements and 3D imagery.

Roomify Demo Video

With the app, you will keep account of projects with ease. Save your rooms and access them at any time using this app. It includes accurate measuring, 3D images of rooms, a library of rooms tailored by you and more. Using the app, you can export rooms via messages, email and other. The app needs a LiDAR sensor to work, phones that have the sensor are iPhone 12 Pro, 13 Pro, and 14 Pro.  


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